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NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management Syllabus

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management Syllabus

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The NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management provides an understanding of how to control environmental risk by implementing Environmental Management Systems. It focuses best practice and international standards including ISO 14000. 

The course consists of 2 modules each assessed separately; one taught module and one work-based assignment.

Overall learning outcomes

On completion of the course, learners will gain an understanding of the following key topics:

  • Environmental Management Systems and impact assessments
  • Sources and use of energy and energy efficiency
  • Control of pollution
  • Planning for and dealing with environmental emergencies
  • Practical application of knowledge and understanding

Full course syllabus

Unit EC1: Management and Control of Environmental Hazards

Element 1: Foundations in Environmental Management

  • 1.1: The scope and nature of environmental management
  • 1.2: The ethical, legal and financial reasons for maintaining and promoting environmental management
  • 1.3: The importance of sustainability
  • 1.4: The role of national governments and international bodies in formulating a framework for the regulation of environmental management

Element 2: Environmental Management Systems

  • 2.1: Reasons for implementing an environmental management system (EMS)
  • 2.2: The key features and appropriate content of an effective EMS based on the requirements of ISO 14001
  • 2.3: Benefits and limitations of introducing a formal EMS into the workplace
  • 2.4: Key members of the ISO 14000 family of standards and their purpose

Element 3: Environmental Impact Assessments

  • 3.1: Reasons for carrying out environmental impact assessments
  • 3.2 Types of environmental impact
  • 3.3 Nature and key sources of environmental information
  • 3.4 Principles and practice of impact assessments

Element 4: Control of Emissions to Air

  • 4.1 Air quality standards
  • 4.2 Main types of emissions to atmosphere
  • 4.3 Control measures to reduce emissions

Element 5: Control of Contamination to Water Source

  • 5.1 Importance of the quality of water for life
  • 5.2 Main sources of water pollution
  • 5.3 Main control measures that are available to reduce contamination of water

Element 6: Control of Waste and Land Use

  • 6.1 Waste categories
  • 6.2 Minimising waste
  • 6.3 Managing waste
  • 6.4 Outlets available for waste
  • 6.5 Risks associated with contaminated land

Element 7: Sources and Use of Energy and Energy Deficiency

  • 7.1 Benefits and limitations of fossil fuels
  • 7.2 Other sources of energy
  • 7.3 The importance of energy efficiency
  • 7.4 Control measures available to enable energy efficiency

Element 8: Control of Environmental Noise

  • 8.1 Sources of environmental noise and their consequences
  • 8.2 Methods for the control of environmental noise

Element 9: Planning for and Dealing with the Environment

  • 9.1 Emergency planning to protect the environment
  • 9.2 Planning for emergencies

Unit EC2: Environmental Practical Application

The aim of the practical application is for learners to demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge and understanding gained from the study of elements of Unit EC1 in a practical environment.

Learners will be required to carry out an environmental review of a workplace and complete a report to management regarding the review with recommendations.

Course Assessment

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate has two assessments:

  • EC1: An open book exam to test what you know
  • EC2: A practical risk assessment to test what you can do

You must pass both exams to achieve your full certificate.

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management: More information

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