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IOSH Managing Safely Onboarding & FAQ

Your IOSH Managing Safely Course Onboarding

All your course FAQs answered 

Welcome onboard! It's great that you have decided to invest in staff training on this widely recognised course that will make a positive difference to productivity and culture in your company.

We have all the essential information you need to make sure the health and safety training course for your colleagues runs smoothly.

Final confirmation of staff numbers attending the course

You will have received your IOSH course confirmation email from us, including the number of your staff attending.

If there are any changes to the final number of people, please notify us as soon as possible.

Practical information for the tutor

Let us know in advance your parking and lunch arrangements for the tutor. A screen and flipchart will be required in the training room.

What are the IOSH Managing Safely course assessments?

There are two assessments and people must pass both in order to gain IOSH certification. The first assessment, a short multiple choice test, is on the last day of the course. 

The second assessment is the IOSH workplace risk assessment project that must be completed (as an electronic version or handwritten) and submitted to Astutis within 2 weeks of the date of the first test.

Each staff member that attends the IOSH Managing Safely course is responsible for emailing their workplace risk assessment project to  . 

What if staff don't send the risk assessment project by the deadline?

Astutis must receive the project assessment by the deadline (i.e within 2 weeks of the multiple choice test) or they will fail their IOSH Managing Safely. There are no exclusions to this rule which IOSH has enforced.

When and how do my colleagues find out their results and get their certificates?

We do not send individual results. Colleagues who have passed their IOSH Managing Safely will find out on receipt of their IOSH certificate within 6-8 weeks of the end of the course. 

For anyone who has failed to achieve the minimum pass mark, the person who has organised the training will hear from us via email within approx. 3-4 weeks of taking the tests. 

What if some people fail one or both of the assessments?

There is the opportunity to retake. Very few learners with Astutis have ever failed the assessment, but if they have or were unable to sit the exam due to illness for example they will be able to resit the first multiple choice assessment online at a convenient time. 

If they have failed the workplace risk assessment project, they can resubmit it within 20 days of receiving the result.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel the course?

Courses will be carried out on the dates agreed and as specified in your confirmation email. If the course is cancelled or re-scheduled, cancellation charges as shown in our Quotation Terms and Conditions will apply. 

However we can reschedule a course to a different date once the charges have been applied.

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