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What is NEBOSH training?

NEBOSH provides health and safety training providers with the syllabus and exams for a number of different NEBOSH training courses. Training providers (such as Astutis) are then able to provide health and safety training using online resources and classroom courses.

NEBOSH training offers individuals the opportunity to get health and safety qualified gain globally recognised qualifications such as the NEBOSH Diploma and NEBOSH General Certificate.

Where are NEBOSH Courses Recognised?

NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) offers a wide range of globally recognised qualifications for health and safety and environmental management needs. While NEBOSH don’t deliver the courses themselves, they are an examining board and create the syllabuses for the various NEBOSH qualifications to be delivered by a NEBOSH accredited provider of your choice.

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Why Take a NEBOSH Qualification?

There is a variety of reasons you may choose to take a NEBOSH qualification, depending on your circumstances. 90% of health and safety job advertisements specify one or more NEBOSH qualifications, demonstrating they can offer career progression and security as a starting point. NEBOSH qualifications are designed to improve knowledge and understanding of key elements of health and safety, such as hazards, risk assessment and legal compliance, helping you to manage risks in all types of workplaces, either in a health and safety or operational management role.

Improved knowledge leads to improved skills. NEBOSH qualifications will also help you to improve your leadership and interpersonal skills which are crucial to anyone within a health and safety role, giving you the ability to influence and change behaviour through educating your colleagues to use better health and safety practices.

NEBOSH qualifications also look to improve your written communication skills allowing you to prepare reports and documents to report on the health and safety of your workplace in a clear and concise way - something that can be used outside of health and safety responsibilities too!

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Who Needs NEBOSH Qualifications?

NEBOSH qualifications are considered a core skill for those within general management and health and safety roles, ranging from dedicated Health and Safety Officers to General Management and those who have had health and safety incorporated into their responsibilities. Typical job roles which require NEBOSH qualifications are:

  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Health and Safety Advisor
  • Fire Safety Manager
  • HR Manager
  • General Manager

Primarily, the courses are suitable for anyone looking to develop health and safety skills and knowledge, improve job security and/or are looking to develop a career in health and safety. The type of qualification taken will be determined by how advanced you would like your knowledge to become.

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What NEBOSH Qualifications are Available?

Currently, there are three types of NEBOSH qualifications available: Awards, Certificates and Diplomas, which will allow you to become qualified to different levels. Often, Awards and Certificates are the best entry level qualifications.

  • Awards: This is often an introduction to other, higher levels of qualification and demonstrates a basic understanding of health and safety knowledge and helps improve health and safety culture within the workplace.
  • General Certificate: The NEBOSH General Certificate demonstrates a slightly broader health and safety knowledge and is the most widely held health and safety qualification in the UK, making it incredibly sought after by employers. The NEBOSH General Certificate is ideal for those looking to develop a longer-term career in health and safety.
  • Specialist Certificates: NEBOSH's industry specific certificates build on the core module from the NEBOSH General Certificate and are available in specialist areas such as fire, risk management, construction, oil and gas and the environment. They provide a more focused insight into health and safety management within the respective industry.
  • Diplomas: Diploma level qualifications are one of the highest levels of NEBOSH qualifications that can be obtained and are the benchmark of a competent health and safety practitioner. Those who pass the NEBOSH Diploma can apply for Chartered Membership of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (CMIOSH) and Membership of the International Institute Risk & Safety Management (MIIRSM).

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NEBOSH course duration

NEBOSH courses take varying time to complete depending on the NEBOSH course you have decided to take and the learning method you have chosen.

For example, the NEBOSH General Certificate typically takes around 80 – 120 hours of study to complete. The NEBOSH Diploma on the other hand usually takes around six to nine months to complete across 500 hours of study.

How to Complete a NEBOSH Course

NEBOSH courses can be extremely flexible. There are various ways to learn which you can choose from depending on your existing commitments, preferred learning method, location and required learning support. The ways to learn will naturally depend on what your course provider can offer.

  • Classroom Learning: This is ideal if you prefer supported learning and would like regular contact with a tutor and other learners. It means you will need to travel to a specific location to learn and will have set learning times - perfect for someone who needs a more structured approach to learning.
  • Online Learning: If you are in a position where you aren’t able to take time off work, or already have commitments meaning a 5 or so day course would be difficult, you can take NEBOSH courses online for a more flexible approach to learning. This allows you to work at your own pace in your own time and is ideal for those who are self-motivated learners.

If you would like to know more about how to take your NEBOSH qualification, look at our post on Ways to Take a NEBOSH Qualification for more information.

What are the Requirements for a NEBOSH Course?

One of the beauties of NEBOSH is that there is a number of different qualifications available ranging from beginner (Award/Certificate) to advanced (Diploma). Some of the courses do recommend entry qualifications and/or experience; your course provider will be able to advise you to help you make the decision.

Award and Certificate level qualifications don’t require you to have any entry qualifications. However, NEBOSH do advise that previous experience of health and safety is strongly recommended in order to take the more advanced of the NEBOSH courses, the Diploma. In fact, we would advise taking the NEBOSH General Certificate before taking the Diploma.

For more information on NEBOSH entry requirements, take a look at this post.

Studying for a NEBOSH Qualification

In order to pass your NEBOSH qualification and to know how to use what you have learnt back in the workplace, studying effectively is essential on your course. This begins with planning how you study and setting realistic goals based on the syllabus and learning outcomes. 

Use revision techniques that suit your learning i.e. memory cards with the key topic points, mind maps and regular testing of yourself so you are actively engaged in your learning. Revising needs to be an active task always to be effective - set 20 to 60 minute study sessions aside regularly.

Practising exam questions throughout the course is essential. Familiarising yourself with what NEBOSH expects for your NEBOSH qualification answers will really help you to pass. Read NEBOSH Examiners' Reports for your course and practise writing answers timed using answer plans. Don't forget to fully understand in detail the NEBOSH command words and what is expected in the answers. Look at our blog on Studying for a NEBOSH Qualification for invaluable advice.

NEBOSH Exams and Pass Rates

Every NEBOSH qualification has a number of associated exams to determine whether a student has passed or failed. These consist of a written exam, made up of both short and long answer questions, and a work-based assignment to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained from your course in a practice way.

Exams always require students to go to a designated examination location on a specific date and are never carried out online, even if an online course has been chosen. The location and date of your exams will depend on your course provider but are usually held at specific times of year. For example, the NEBOSH General Certificate is held March, June, September and December.

Pass marks for exams depend on the type of course you take. As an example, the NEBOSH General Certificate has a 45% pass mark for the written exam and the practical assessment. You course provider will be able to provide you with pass mark information for your course before starting

Take a look at our blog post on NEBOSH exams for more information!

Do NEBOSH Courses expire?

One of the most common questions someone will have about NEBOSH Courses is whether or not they expire. The short answer to that question, is no. Once you have successfully complete all units of a NEBOSH course, whether this be a General Certificate or Diploma level, you are not obliged to retake the course again.

However, health and safety is continually evolving and in reality, new legislation is introduced every couple of years meaning it is crucial to keep up to date and abreast of new legislation, regulations and ways of doing things. 

For more information on NEBOSH course expiry take a look at this helpful article.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are many factors that can influence the cost of a NEBOSH course, so carrying out research prior to committing to a course will allow you to identify which option is going to be most cost effective for you. Things like the type of NEBOSH course you chose, the course duration and learning method can all impact how much you will pay for a course.

There are a number of additional costs you will need to consider when looking to take a NEBOSH course too, including exam fees (usually starting from about £200 per exam), NEBOSH registration (£60) and in some cases exam support, webinars and study material. If you would like to find out more about the typical costs of a NEBOSH course take a look at our blog.

NEBOSH Funding

Providing you meet specific requirements, there are various funding options available for NEBOSH courses including:

  • CITB Construction Skill Grant: available for CITB registered construction companies.
  • ReAct Funding in Wales: available to those who have been made redundant in the last 3 months.
  • Charity & Volutary Sectors: funding is available for small charities on a scholarship basis for the NEBOSH NGC qualification.
  • Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service: member and ex-members of the UK Armed forces can qualify for funding through the MOD’s Enhanced Learning Credits.

Take a look at our NEBOSH Funding blog for more information on the types of funding available and what is required to qualify for this funding.

What to Look For in a NEBOSH Provider

Taking on a course is a big commitment of your time and money, so choosing the right NEBOSH course provider is crucial to make sure you get the most from your money and have access to a learning method that works for you. Things to look out for in a good NEBOSH course provider and questions to ask include:

  • Status of the NEBOSH Learning Providers: are they Gold, Silver or Bronze? A Gold provider means they have exceeded the 6 learning excellence principles
  • Trainer Qualifications and Experience: What is your tutor’s professional background? How long have they been accredited for? What is their average student pass rate?
  • Flexibility: Ensure to check what kinds of NEBOSH teaching your provider offers. Do they offer online and offline training?
  • Support Levels: What kind of support is your provider willing to give? How much access will you have to a tutor and study materials? What kind of study materials will they provide you with?

Make sure you research your course provider before committing so you are fully prepared and understand what kind of support you can expect to receive to avoid any nasty surprises! If you would like more information on what to look for in a NEBOSH provider, take a look at this post.

If you are interested in getting started with a NEBOSH qualification download our free NEBOSH Course Starter Guide now!

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