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What are the Changes to IEMA Courses?

IEMA Certified Training with AstutisIEMA, the professional home of over 15,000 environment and sustainability professionals worldwide has launched significant changes to their training courses and membership structure. It aims to make the career path of IEMA members much clearer and also easier to upgrade.

Hopefully these frequently asked questions with answers below will clarify the course changes.

FAQs on changes to IEMA Foundation & Associate Certificates

What are the changes to the IEMA courses in a nutshell?

The IEMA Foundation Certificate was updated in 1 January 2017 and the IEMA Associate Certificate course will be updated by 1 January 2018 and these are aligned to the new membership structure to improve the career path.

What are the changes to the IEMA Associate Certificate?

This new course entitled the Certificate in Environmental Management will replace the current Associate Certificate from 1 January 2018. It will change from 10 days to 15 days comprising 3 modules. Each module is assessed by an assignment set and marked by IEMA.

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What about membership for the Certificate in Environmental Management

Membership is part of the successful completion of the Certificate in Environmental Management from 1 January 2017. Once the course has been completed an ‘Assessment of Competence’ marked by IEMA where learners showcase their application of skills and knowledge within the workplace is the final part of gaining Practitioner membership of IEMA (PIEMA).

What about my membership if I have already taken the IEMA Associate Certificate?

If you have successfully completed your IEMA Associate Certificate by 30 December 2017, your membership will automatically be upgraded to Practitioner (PIEMA).

IEMA membership for the Associate Certificate until 31 December 2017

If you successfully complete your IEMA Associate Certificate between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017 you will become Associate members but you are entitled to a fast track to Practitioner membership by completing and submitting the Assessment of Competence. 

IEMA Membership Chart

You can learn more about the changes to IEMA Membership on the IEMA website (opens in a new window) or by clicking the button below to request more information from Astutis:

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What were the changes in the IEMA Foundation Certificate?

From 1 January 2017 the IEMA Foundation Certificate changed from a 4 day to a 5 day course. Everyone who successfully completes this new 5 day course, passing the 1 hour online multiple choice test will be eligible to Associate membership of IEMA

This new IEMA Foundation is now assessed with an online multiple choice exam, hosted by IEMA and you receive your results as soon as the exam is completed.

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