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Hard work pays off with the NEBOSH Diploma from Astutis

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Bryan currently works as a Safety, Health and Environmental Improvement Specialist. Bryan is responsible for reviewing the company’s health, safety and environmental performance and developing strategies for performance improvement. He also delivers training and updates policies and procedures.

Having previously taken the NEBOSH Certificate, Bryan decided that the time was right to tackle the NEBOSH Diploma, in order to continue progressing in his career. We caught up with Bryan to ask a few questions about his experience.

Choosing the NEBOSH Diploma

"I already held the NEBOSH General Certificate and many other health & safety qualifications, but I wanted to further my career and professional development, and I also wanted to widen the scope of my health & safety knowledge.

I considered other options such as the NVQ route, but decided that the NEBOSH National Diploma was the best option for furthering my health & safety knowledge. It’s also generally seen in the health & safety profession as being the most coveted qualification."

"The NEBOSH Diploma is recognised as the one ‘to have’ if you wish to be at the top of your game."

Taking the NEBOSH Diploma

"I have a number friends and colleagues that have the Diploma and all of them had explained that there was a lot of work involved. However, when I started the journey, I never really anticipated just how much work it would be. So I would definitely say it is something to be aware of!

I chose the classroom route as it allowed a number of weeks to be solely focused on the Diploma and the interaction with the tutors really helped. However, this time alone is nowhere near the amount of time required in order to successfully pass all the exams.

I have a very busy lifestyle with work, friends and family and it was a real struggle to find the time to allocate for revision. Work allowed little time to revise, so I had to make time in my personal life. It’s a real commitment!"

The support on offer

"The classroom sessions that I attended provided so much support. The trainers were excellent and being able to ask questions and discuss the answers was of huge benefit.

"Astutis also provided detailed reference books for each of the Units and these proved invaluable for revision and for referencing."

Towards the end of my Diploma course I started using the interactive webinar sessions that Astutis offer. These were brilliant for allowing me to attempt example questions and then discuss possible answers with other students and a tutor. They were a great way of revising and testing your knowledge."

Life after the NEBOSH Diploma

"During the course there were areas of the syllabus that I already had a very good understanding of through my professional experience, but there were other areas where I had little or no experience.

“As my role has expanded at work, there have been new health & safety issues to face. Due to the Diploma course content that I had studied, I was able to deal with these better because I now have a deeper understanding of
the subject matter.”

I currently have many qualifications and now this includes the NEBOSH National Diploma. I don’t have any plans for more at the moment but I’m considering heading down the Chartered IOSH membership route. I think this will really allow me to reach the pinnacle of my professional development."

Bryan's advice for you

"Obtaining the NEBOSH National Diploma qualification is a great achievement and one that you should definitely consider. However, I would strongly advise when you commence with the course that you allocate sufficient time. There are no short cuts with this course, and time and commitment is the key to passing it successfully. However, it is definitely well worth it in the end and I’m thrilled to be qualified!"

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