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Resitting your NEBOSH General Certificate Exam

Resitting Your NEBOSH General Certificate Exam

Resitting your NEBOSH General Certificate Exam

The NEBOSH General Certificate (NGC) is assessed through an online open-book assessment for NG1 and a practical assessment for NG2. You must successfully pass both units within 5 years to achieve the full qualification.

To get a successful pass mark for each of the units, you have to be able to show an understanding of the key concepts and their practical application by producing comprehensive, relevant answers.

What do I do if I've failed my NEBOSH Certificate exam?

If you have received a fail or referral in a NEBOSH General Certificate unit exam,  you can either:

  • Resit the exam, or
  • Appeal to NEBOSH about your result

Resitting your NEBOSH Certificate exam

You can resit a failed unit providing you do so within 5 years of your first successful unit being issued. If you haven’t yet passed a unit, the 5 year time frame won't apply until you have successfully achieved a unit. 

If you want to resit a unit you have passed with the aim of achieving a higher mark, you can do so providing it is within the specified 5 year period.  You must inform NEBOSH of your intention to do so within 20 days of the date the result was issued. 

Appealing your result

If you feel your result doesn’t match your reasonable expectations, you can appeal to get your unit remarked by submitting an Enquiries About Results (EAR) form within 20 days of the result being issued. Be prepared that this could also result in you being issued a lower mark than original.  

Why did I fail my NG exam?

The NEBOSH Examiners Reports available on the NEBOSH websit offers insight into the key areas that learners commonly underperform. 

Common mistakes in NG1 exam

  • Failing to plan time effectively providing too much detail in earlier questions 
  • Not answering all the questions or providing incomplete answers for sets of questions
  • Failing to read the question, providing answers relevant to the topic instead of the question
  • Memorising information instead of applying concepts
  • Illegible handwriting 
  • Wasting time by writing out the question

Common mistakes in NG2 practical assignments

  • Not listing enough hazards in the workplace inspection
  • Failing to recognise the consequences of the hazards listed
  • Not listing tangible, physical hazards
  • Focusing on immediate controls and missing out long-term controls
  • Writing the report based on your own work/managers preferences instead of what NEBOSH asks for
  • Writing too much
  • Introducing new elements into the report that have not been included in the inspection and control section of the assignment  
  • Lack of structure to the report

How can I improve on my NG resit?

The NEBOSH General Certificate Guides detail the learning outcomes for each module along with the tutor references. These will give you a good indication of the level of knowledge you need to have for the exam and what you should be revising. 

The NEBOSH Examiners reports also offer an excellent resource to help prepare for future exams. Examiners Reports are published yearly after March and September exams and are free to download from the NEBOSH website. Feedback is offered on exam techniques, command words and learning outcomes. 

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