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Teva Runcorn Management System

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Teva is a global organisation that develops and produces innovative, specialty and generic pharmaceuticals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Teva Runcorn employs around 450 people, working in roles encompassing everything from quality assurance, manufacturing operations, logistics, research and development, chemistry, engineering, microbiology, quality compliance and packaging.

Company objective for current health and safety issues

Teva had a new 3-story building planned that was to be situated approximately 1 mile from the main site in Runcorn; it was to be occupied by up to 40 staff, the Research and Development team ; although the team had some health and safety knowledge and experience, they were lacking a dedicated, experienced Health and Safety professional. The new building comprised a ground floor with a lab, workshop and warehouse (containing equipment such as a lathe, milling machine and band saw); first floor was offices; second floor were to contain offices, testing area and public areas.

The main framework of the task ahead and requirement from Teva was to set up the health and safety processes, governance and culture within the team and building. The medium to long term objective was to make them 90% self-sufficient to manage all health, safety and environmental compliance needs, regulations and expectations. 


Teva needed a new management system, policy and procedures to be designed and implemented within the new offices plus training for the staff on site to enable them to adopt the changes. Teva Runcorn decided to outsource this project in order to bring in external and independent health and safety expertise. They chose Astutis to provide the health, safety and environmental consultancy support tailored to meet their exact company needs. They benefited from a dedicated Chartered Health, Safety and Environmental Consultant who had a professional background in the same sector, to manage and implement the project and provide independent expert advice when they needed it. 

The work was planned over 2 phases with 3 days of consultant support every week for 13 weeks for each phase. In addition the Consultant provided ongoing support with a monthly Health and Safety Meeting for 12 days plus 15 days of ad-hoc Consultancy support when required. 

Diverse training courses were also delivered including Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), IOSH Managing Safely and Working Safely, Fire Alarm Tests to ensure best practice is taken on board and to improve the company culture towards health and safety.

Working alongside Teva Runcorn’s EHS Director and their research and development team, Astutis’ Consultant set up the Health, Safety and Environmental governance, processes and procedures based on UK and EU legislation within the new team and building. Astutis worked with the teams at Teva towards building a strong health, safety and environmental culture where each member was aware of their individual and team responsibilities in order to remain compliant. The range of health and safety training courses from Risk Assessment to Fire Alarm Tests that staff attended, enabled the team to develop their knowledge and skills and apply them in their work. 

Daniel Mottram the Director of EHS & Security, commented “The work done has been to an extremely high standard and the approach used by the consultant is one that encourages empowerment and ownership of EHS within the R&D team. The benefit of having the consultant driving this element of the project enabled me to maintain focus on the operational site whilst being confident that R&D team were getting the support they needed.”


The new management system, policy and procedures were implemented within the timescales and the teams were trained to successfully manage independently. 
All the objectives were achieved and the Teva research and development team became 90% self-sufficient. 
Teva’s safety culture was developed with a greater understanding of the role of staff and their behaviour on occupational health and safety.

“A benefit is the relationship that we have built with the consultant. It wasn’t simply a case of him working with us for a fixed period and then cutting ties, we have maintained the relationship and he has provided ongoing support to varying extents as and when it has been required. It is really good being able to call upon someone who knows us and understands our processes.” Daniel Mottram Director EHS & Security

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