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Home Worker Toolkit

Computer workstation assessment and wellbeing advice for employees who work at home.

More and more businesses are switching to remote working. For those people who are working at home on a long-term basis, the risks associated with using Display Screen Equipment (DSE) must be controlled. This includes doing home workstation assessments.

This interactive Home Worker Toolkit allows you to complete a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) workstation assessment whilst helping you avoid health related problems using DSE.

The toolkit has been developed by a leading independent Ergonomics Consultant who shares his knowledge and practical advice in videos throughout. As a convenient online learning resource, it can be used by all employees whenever needed.

Display Screen Equipment Toolkit Key Facts
Duration 30 to 60 minutes approx. (varies from person to person)
Modules Cost savings with multiple licenses - available in 50, 100 or 200 blocks
Access Hosted on Astutis Learning Management System (LMS) or your own company LMS

Watch our Display Screen Equipment & Wellbeing video

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The toolkit improves employee wellbeing and minimises any health risks while using a workstation. It enables companies to proactively protect its workforce in line with the DSE Regulations

Included in the Home Worker Toolkit

The Home Worker Toolkit includes a DSE Assessment and covers the practical advice on employee wellbeing in line with the DSE Regulations. Topics include:

  1. How should I set up my workstation?
  2. How can I be more active at work?
  3. How can I best manage my DSE work routine?
  4. How should I best use mobile DSE devices?
  5. How can DSE accessories help me?
  6. How should I recognise and deal with stress?

Developing the best learning experience for DSE users

Astutis is experienced in working closely with companies to help them manage the health and wellbeing of their staff and they can work safely and productively. Our online Toolkit resource can also be customised for your company. Our account manager and learning experience team will work closely with to develop the best solution for your employees. 

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