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What if I Fail my NEBOSH Certificate Exam(s)?

What if I Fail my NEBOSH Certificate Exam(s)?

23 April 2019

Don't panic if you have failed one or more of your NEBOSH Certificate exams. There are a couple of options available on what next to do. This post will offer the practical steps to take which will help you get fully qualified and on the road to advancing your career as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

Firstly, when you get the news that you have been unsuccessful in your NEBOSH exam you have one of two choices to take:

  1. Re-mark your exam(s) or
  2. Re-sit the exam(s)

1. Re-marking – known as “EAR” by NEBOSH - Enquiries About Results

This option is only appropriate for a very small percentage of people but if you feel that your mark is not what you expected based on how realistically you feel the exam(s) actually went on the day. If you feel you were very near the pass mark for the Unit paper and you would like your exam paper marked again, you can appeal to NEBOSH and request a re-mark.

For an EAR re-mark, you will need to complete an Enquiries About Results NEBOSH (EAR) form within 20 working days of the result being issued. Contact your course provider for guidance how to do this or enquire directly to NEBOSH. Late EAR submissions will not be accepted. If there are extenuating circumstances for the late submission NEBOSH will decide if they will accept it. NEBOSH examiners' reports are published twice a year by NEBOSH following the March and September exams for the NEBOSH General Certificate. These reports are free for students to download and provide invaluable insight into what examiners were expecting from the paper, as well as specific areas of under-performance. Looking at these examiners' reports can be extremely helpful if you did not receive the result that you were hoping for as they will shed some light on the expected standard of answers required.

NEBOSH Certificate Practical Assessment retake

If you have failed the NEBOSH Certificate Practical Assessment, don’t worry we can help you pass your retake exam(s). Review the blog posts on how to successfully complete the Practical:

You can pass your NEBOSH Certificate exam!

Be positive and prepare well for your retake exam. Practise past questions under exam conditions. Read the links to these useful blog posts in this article. Good luck!!

NEBOSH General Certificate exams in & outside the UK

More information about your NEBOSH General Certificate exams in the UK can be found by visiting our dedicated UK NEBOSH exam page, which provides full information on exam dates and processes. If you are looking to sit your NEBOSH exams at a venue outside of the UK then please visit our dedicated International exam page.

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