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NEBOSH Diploma - Most Frequently Asked Questions

NEBOSH Diploma - Most Frequently Asked Questions

30 July 2019

Studying the NEBOSH Diploma is a commitment so I understand that you must have some questions about this much demanded course in the global market. So if you are thinking about taking the NEBOSH Diploma, this blog will have some headline answers to your questions covering cost, who is it targeted at, how hard it is, its level, how long it takes and most importantly why take it.

How much does the NEBOSH Diploma cost?

The cost of the NEBOSH Diploma will depend on the course provider you go with and the study method i.e. classroom or online. If you prefer an online NEBOSH Diploma course it can cost anything from £1200 upwards. For online courses, exams will be an additional cost, so bear this in mind.

When you enquire about the price of an online NEBOSH Diploma make sure you ask exactly what this includes. You don’t want to be hit with unexpected costs that you were not aware of at the point of booking. Find out if there is tutor support, forums, webinars, additional resources and always ask for an online trial. This will help you decide which course provider is offering the best online experience for you.

Classroom courses will naturally cost more than online. Prices can vary significantly so it is worth gathering as much information about the classroom experience such as, materials, tutors, webinars and any additional resources from potential course providers.

Find out more information about the cost of a NEBOSH Diploma course.

Who can take the NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH Diploma is thqualification for anyone in health and safety who wants to take their career to a much higher level. It is for people who want to gain a professional level competence as a health and safety practitioner. It is a degree level qualification therefore NEBOSH strongly recommends that you have already successfully completed the NEBOSH General Certificate or an equivalent health and safety qualification. You will also need a good working knowledge of English and confident to write in a report style.

Read more about the NEBOSH Diploma entry requirements.

How hard is the NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH Diploma is an honours degree-level qualification. It enables people already working in health and safety to develop their knowledge and understanding of the concepts in more depth. There is a lot of technical information to cover similar to any course at this level. Much of the information you will have covered in the NEBOSH Certificate but it will be in much more detail.

The course covers three distinct areas in detail: Managing Health and Safety, Hazardous Agents in the Workplace, the Workplace and Work Equipment Safety and the application of your knowledge to health and safety.

You will need to absorb a lot of information and use the concepts learnt in different scenarios to prove your understanding. You will also have to do additional reading on topics independently.

In the three written exams you need to write considered answers in plain English using your technical knowledge. For the DNI assessment you have to apply your learning to a workplace scenario and write in report style. Don't panic, a good course provider will give you plenty of practice throughout the course to prepare you for the assessments.

Find out more about how hard the NEBOSH Diploma is.

What level is the NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH Diploma is equivalent to an honours degree standard.

In the UK

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the NEBOSH Diploma compares to level 6 on the Vocationally Related Qualification and on the Scottish Qualifications Authority level 10 with 48 SCQF credit points. You can apply for GradIOSH membership as soon as you have passed it. Once you have completed IOSH's Initial Professional Development Scheme, you can apply for Chartered Membership (CMIOSH).

In South Africa

In South Africa, it gives you academic requirements to apply for Technical Membership of Saiosh (TechSAIOSH), which shows employers your competence and commitment to health and safety.

In Canada

It is the same level as a Certified Safety Professional in Canada. Holders of the NEBOSH Diploma are able to apply for certification as a Canadian Registered Safety Technician – CRST. However, you must meet the qualification standards, including education and experience, and pass the CRST examination before applying. For those with more workplace experience and additional qualifications, they can follow a route to Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) certification.

In Australia

The Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board has placed the NEBOSH International Diploma as equivalent or above the Australian Advanced Diploma in OHS/WHS. It also meets the requirements for certification as an OHS Practitioner.

Find out more about where the NEBOSH Diploma is recognised.

How long does it take to get the NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH Diploma requires around a minimum of 231 study hours of the course content and approximately 225 hours of private study. These are important indicators of the amount of time you need to commit to studying the NEBOSH Diploma.

For classroom courses it is usually around 30 days. Many providers offer taught course as 6 weeks spread over 8 to 12 months.

Study will be structured around the 3 exams which take place twice a year in July and January. The 4th assessment is the DNI assignment and there are 4 submission dates a year: towards the end of February, May, August and November. Successfully completing all the exams and assignment will determine when you finish your course. Typically people take around 20 -26 months.

Where and how can I study the NEBOSH Diploma?

You need to find an accredited provider of the NEBOSH Diploma. How you choose to study the NEBOSH Diploma for example a classroom or online course will determine which course provider you choose.
If you want to take an online/elearning course, you have the freedom to study anywhere in the world provided you have internet access. You can study at home or work at a pace that suits you.

However, an important factor to consider when choosing the right course provider is, where you can take the NEBOSH Diploma exams. NEBOSH course providers offer exams in around 132 countries. Find out if the exam centre location is convenient. Usually, for online/elearning and distance learning, the exams are an additional cost. The locations of the exam centres offered by the course provider could affect the exam price. This may influence with whom you choose to study.

For classroom courses, find a good provider that offers the NEBOSH Diploma near your preferred place to study. The choice of quality providers will depend on where you plan to study and how far you are willing to commute to the course each day.

Find out more about how to study the NEBOSH Diploma.

Why take the NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH Diploma is considered the most widely recognised and respected qualification for health and safety practitioners. Employers all over the world demand this level of expertise in their workforce.

On a personal level, the NEBOSH Diploma offers you a high level of knowledge and practical skills in health and safety. It will enable you to operate from a more strategic position and make the right decisions to manage risk effectively. The NEBOSH Diploma is a qualification that will offer you greater opportunities for your career and the academic requirements to become chartered.

Employers know that NEBOSH Diploma qualified staff demonstrate to stakeholders the company’s commitment to health and safety. A practitioner with this professional-level of competence means they can help companies operate more effectively protecting the workforce against accidents, injury and loss of life. This level of expertise in house means that you can drive a positive safety culture and improve performance.

The knowledge gained from the NEBOSH Diploma combined with learning how to use it in the workplace enables people to become competent Health and Safety Practitioners who can operate anywhere in the world.

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