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Important changes to the NEBOSH Diploma

Important changes to the NEBOSH Diploma

18 May 2021

So there's a new NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals. But why? What's so different? If you need answers, you are in the right place.

Because employers rely on the NEBOSH Diploma for the best health and safety training for professionals, NEBOSH must ensure the course is always up-to-date.
Therefore the course has been revised following extensive research and global consultation with learning partners, employers, Trade Unions and NEBOSH Alumni. 

Teaching time reduced by 14%
Information overload is a real thing. It can cause the information to go in one way and come out the other. It can be a troubling obstacle for learners looking to absorb as much information as possible.
This time around, all possibilities of information overload occurring have been eliminated; cutting 14% of the course time out means that the course is now only 30 days, instead of 35.
More essential to study the NEBOSH General Certificate first
Before this recent revision, the NEBOSH Diploma included A LOT of information. It still does!
But to improve and make the course more accessible, it has been streamlined. Some of the content removed can now ONLY be found in the NEBOSH General Certificate.
The NEBOSH General Certificate has always been thought of as the ideal step before studying the NEBOSH Diploma. Even more so now!

How it's assessed
The new updated NEBOSH Diploma qualification has also adopted new pro-active assessments designed to put the impetus in the hands of learners during this critical step in their career. 
Instead of four assessments, there are only three in the updated course.
UNIT ND1/ID1: 6 weeks (30 working days)
UNIT ND2/ID2: 4 weeks (20 working days)
UNIT ND3/ID3: 4 weeks (20 working days)
UNIT ND1/ID1 is formatted much like assessments taken in the NEBOSH General Diploma, whilst ND/ID2 and ND3/ID3 are brand new formats.
ND2/ID2 and ID3/ID3 are brand new workplace based assessments designed to simulate decision making and get the very best out of all learners.
All assessments can be completed remotely, meaning you do not need to attend an invigilated examination venue. 

Engineered to really benefit online learning
With everything that's happened recently, it's always better to be safe than sorry.  
There has never been a more critical time to push your career on with the highest quality health and safety training available. But there is also never been a more appropriate better time to learn under the best health and safety protocols.
The most popular course format is Online. In this format, you can have confidence in yourself to self-study and have complete control.
The Virtual Classroom allows students to have lessons in a class setting, ask questions and join a growing community of like-minded budding learners!
The Distance format is designed for the offline learner. You can download all materials and have control to study at your pace from a distance.
With the new NEBOSH Diploma, there are exciting new ways to study your course, your way.
The Main Takeaways

So, there you have it! The new updated NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals has never been more essential. Don’t let anything stand in your way, have confidence in yourself and make tomorrow the best tomorrow.


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