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How to Study the NEBOSH Diploma

How to Study the NEBOSH Diploma

18 July 2019

Deciding on how to study this degree-level NEBOSH Diploma qualification is an important decision to make. We are all different and have preferred approaches to studying. I would recommend that you find out as much as possible about the different study methods before you decide which one is right for you. Approach a number of course providers and ask them in detail about exactly what you can expect in your learning.

I will outline what to expect from the study methods available for the NEBOSH Diploma. I will also suggest some key features of each method to find out more from potential course provider. These factors will help you decide what is best for your circumstances.

Learning methods available

Ideally, you will have the luxury of choosing what is the best learning method to suit your lifestyle and time commitments. However, circumstances such as flexibility, available time, budget and preferred learning styles usually dictate whether you choose a classroom course or an online course.

The main learning methods for the NEBOSH Diploma are

  • Online or elearning – a flexible study method of 450 - 500 hours where you decide on the time and pace of learning
  • Classroom learning –is held on scheduled dates over 6 weeks at venues potentially anywhere in the world

NEBOSH Diploma online/elearning

Why online?

Online learning has become a much more popular method to study the NEBOSH Diploma because it is so convenient. Our busy working life makes it harder for us to take 6 weeks out to attend a classroom course. Employers cannot afford to lose staff to 30+ working days over a year to training. Online learning tends to be a less expensive option, which is ideal if you are funding the course yourself.

Online learning requires a certain level of motivation to make sure you keep on track. NEBOSH Diploma exams are held twice a year, in January and July. Therefore, it is important you plan your studies around when you decide to take the NEBOSH Diploma exam(s).

To access your online NEBOSH Diploma course, you will need a reliable internet connection to work on the material, a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. You will then be ready to start!

What can I expect from a good quality online NEBOSH Diploma course?

  • Modern, well-structured and interactive learning experience. Check that there are plenty of engaging activities, using multimedia, to practise what you have learnt. Make sure the course is easy to navigate and you are guided at every step. Having some indicator of the progress you are making is also important.
  • Plenty of student interaction and tutor support: find out if there is continual access to a tutor to answer any of your questions promptly. Active online discussion forums with tutor input are a great tool to share your questions and ideas.
  • Comprehensive exam preparation: a good online NEBOSH Diploma course will offer plenty of revision and exam question guidance and practice. A range of exam resources should include webinars, mock papers that are marked and revision guides.

What is the difference between online, elearning and distance learning?

When you search methods to take the NEBOSH Diploma, you may find a range of terms used by course providers to describe self-study using a computer at home. The most popular terms used are NEBOSH Diploma online, elearning, or distance learning. You tend to find that the NEBOSH Diploma online and elearning mean the same.

What is the NEBOSH Diploma distance learning?

Some course providers don’t have a distinct definition of distance and online/elearning. Astutis does distinguish between these two methods:

Distance learning for the NEBOSH Diploma is more of a traditional self-study where you control your own learning. You access materials digitally and you can download them. If you prefer to study offline or you don’t have access to the internet, our distance learning NEBOSH Diploma is a perfect solution.

Online or elearning for the NEBOSH Diploma differs from distance learning because it is a highly interactive learning experience. You need the internet to access the material. It is packed with multimedia and practice activities to consolidate your understanding.

Find out from the provider if a NEBOSH Diploma distance learning is the same as a NEBOSH Diploma online or elearning. It is highly recommended that you find out what you can expect from the course provider for their learning method.

Always ask for a trial of the online course before you make a decision.

NEBOSH Diploma classroom learning

Classroom courses are for people who prefer to learn in a more traditional, group environment led by the NEBOSH Diploma tutor. It is offered as a structured, classroom course of 6 weeks usually split over 12 months. You will need to check how frequently class courses start. It will vary dependent on where you live but typically, it can start once or twice a year.

What can I expect from a good quality NEBOSH Diploma classroom course?

A good NEBOSH Diploma tutor can transform the learning in to a positive and effective course. They will be very experienced in training people on the NEBOSH Diploma. Tutors that use plenty of real life examples will help students to understand the NEBOSH Diploma material and put the concepts in to context. Ask about the professional background of the potential NEBOSH Diploma tutors. I’d also find out how many tutors will be teaching you over the 6 weeks.

Dynamic interactive learning is much more successful than death by PowerPoint. Plenty of student engagement and sharing experiences will help your understanding of the course. Find out the usual number of people that are on a classroom course. A good course will be made up of a range of activities such as group-work using workplace scenarios, discussions and problem solving

Exam preparation throughout your class-based learning for the NEBOSH Diploma is essential. At every stage of the course, you should be working through typical exam questions in the class and for homework. Tutors should provide plenty of feedback and guidance on your exam answers.

Is online and classroom NEBOSH Diploma the same value?

Whatever method you choose for your NEBOSH Diploma course: online, distance or classroom, all study methods have the same recognition. The NEBOSH Diploma is a highly respected safety qualification that employers value anywhere in the world.

Choosing the right study method for you is often dictated by personal circumstances and work demands. Everyone learns and prepares for exams very differently. For this degree-level qualification, you need to find what works for you so you can achieve success in the NEBOSH Diploma.

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