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Ways to Take a NEBOSH Course

Ways to Take a NEBOSH Course

29 January 2018

If you’re thinking about taking a health and safety training course, you will have probably found NEBOSH come up, as the most widely recognised awarding body. NEBOSH is considered the ideal route to developing yourself professionally. There is a wide range of NEBOSH qualifications suitable for all job roles and industry sectors; for example there are NEBOSH Certificate courses suitable for people working in construction, oil and gas or more involved in fire responsibilities. Read the blog on Which NEBOSH Course is Right For You? Once you have decided the right course for you, the next step is to decide how you are going to take it i.e. what learning method? NEBOSH online, distance, or class based.

Learning Methods Available

Usually your circumstantial factors will affect your choice of NEBOSH course methods such as flexibility, cost, your approach to learning and motivation to name a few. Let’s review the different ways you can take this course:

Online Learning

Online learning, also known as e-learning, offers a very flexible way of doing a course: you choose when and where you study with no restrictions. You need a reliable internet connection and device i.e. laptop, computer, tablet or even a mobile phone. The course resources will be accessed online. The NEBOSH course will be hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS); (An LMS is a piece of software that delivers training courses).

Online learning will present the NEBOSH course content as a mix of media i.e. text, images, audio, videos, animations and interactive activities. The key health and safety concepts are presented using multimedia and interactive activities to develop your understanding of the topic and make it more interesting rather than just passively reading.

Confirm with your course provider what exactly their NEBOSH online course offers to decide if it is right for you, for example:

  • Easy-to-use navigation of the media
  • Discussion forums with other learners and tutors
  • Webinars
  • Practice questions and exams with feedback to check your understanding
  • Progress check points throughout the course
  • Resources such as a glossary, weblinks, support materials
  • Ongoing support from a tutor and IT help desk

Distance Learning

Distance learning involves planning and managing your own NEBOSH studies using your course materials to read and study. You access materials online, then download and save them so you’re in full control of your learning. Once you’ve downloaded your materials, you don’t need internet access to study. Distance learning materials are text and image based and are ideal for the motivated and self-disciplined learner.
Find out what’s included in a NEBOSH distance learning course from potential course providers:

  • Access to discussion forums with other learners and tutors
  • Webinars to support your learning
  • Practice exams with feedback
  • Easy-to-use navigation of the course materials
  • Ongoing support from a tutor

Classroom Learning

The classroom method of learning (also known as face-to-face) is led by a specialist NEBOSH tutor with a group of students, held on set days and at fixed times in a venue. This traditional course method means you have a tutor in front of a group of learners to direct the learning and share knowledge and experiences. You have the opportunity to work in groups with other learners talking through scenarios and questions. Class learning requires you to take time out of your job and commit to attending a course for the full duration. It is not recommended to miss any days of a classroom course.

It will depend on the provider and course length on how the days are organised i.e. the NEBOSH Certificates are often 5 consecutive days for the first unit with a break of 2-4 weeks before the second unit of 5 consecutive days. Some colleges may offer a day release over 2 to 3 months.

Find out more information on the classroom NEBOSH course from potential course providers:

  • NEBOSH tutor(s)’ experience and qualifications
  • Number of learners typically on theNEBOSH course. The ideal is to have enough for effective interaction but not too many to limit everyone’s chance to contribute.
  • Format of a typical training day

Which Learning Method is Right for Me?

To choose the right method of course for you, decide which approach to learning you can identify better with on the 2 methods below:

You prefer to learn at a fixed time and placeYou prefer to choose how and
when you learn
You prefer to sit and listen to an expert talkingYou’d rather learn by reading, watching,
listening, doing and exploring
You prefer to learn, share experiences and
interact with others
You prefer to learn mostly on your own, with
the option to sometimes learn with others
You’d rather be guided through your learning
step-by-step at a pace set by the tutor
You prefer to have the choice about what
you learn, in how much detail and when
You need support with the chance
to ask questions in person
You are independent and self-motivated
to learn on your own
Classroom learning is for youOnline/distance learning is for you

Whatever method you choose for your NEBOSH course the value and recognition of the course is the same, once you have successfully completed it.

How Long will my NEBOSH Course Take?

If you are looking at a classroom-based course, the number of days the course lasts may vary slightly but the number of hours is determined by NEBOSH, outlined in the table below as a minimum. All course providers must offer the required number of hours of tuition on all course methods.

NEBOSH CourseDuration of tuitionDuration of Private Study
NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (NGC)68 hours = 10 days approx.40 hours
NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety241 hours = 30 days approx.234 hours
NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management (NFC)70 hours = 9 days approx.55 hours
NEBOSH Certificate in Construction Health & Safety (NCC)

         105 hours = 13 days approx.    

52 hours
NEBOSH Technical Certificate Oil and Gas in Operational Safety (NIOG)35 hours = 5 days approx.         20 hours         

It’s worth taking spending some time evaluating the different ways of taking a NEBOSH course so you can choose the right method to suit you. Always ask a potential course provider for a sample of the learning methods for example with access to an online demo, sample of course materials, videos to help you to really assess the best way to pass your NEBOSH exam and develop your understanding of health and safety for your job.

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