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NEBOSH Course Entry Requirements

NEBOSH Course Entry Requirements

01 February 2018

If you are ready to take a health and safety course but you’re wondering what qualifications are required for the NEBOSH courses, this post will provide you with the entry requirements. As a note of reassurance, NEBOSH qualifications attract around 50,000 people globally, from all industry sectors, every year. Therefore NEBOSH qualifications are developed for everybody to be able to study, pass them and use the knowledge in their job to meet their health and safety responsibilities. 

All NEBOSH Qualifications Entry Requirements

With the exception of the NEBOSH Diploma and the NEBOSH Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety (NIOG), there are no academic qualifications, skills or experience required to take the NEBOSH courses. Dependent on the NEBOSH course you choose, you will need to commit a required number of hours in class or via the online learning course materials and exams and assignment. Each course has a practical assignment, which involves report writing and/or carrying out an assessment. Learn more on each NEBOSH course assessment in our NEBOSH Exams blog. Ultimately, the course provider will advise if you meet the course entry requirements.

NEBOSH Diploma Qualification Entry Requirements

NEBOSH Diplomas are globally recognised qualifications aimed at professional health and safety advisors and environmental practitioners.To take the NEBOSH Diploma, the NEBOSH Certificate or equivalent courses and previous experience of health and safety is strongly recommended due to the high level of this qualification. It is equivalent to a degree and therefore requires a significant commitment of study time. Successfully completing the NEBOSH Certificate will provide the ideal foundation of health and safety in the workplace to make the most of studying the NEBOSH Diploma effectively.

NEBOSH Certificate in Oil and Gas Qualification Entry Requirements

The NEBOSH Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas  Operational Safety is a specialist sector-specific course aimed at people working in the oil and gas industry so a foundation knowledge of health and safety is required. Completing the NEBOSH International Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is highly recommended as the NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate does not replace the broad health and safety content of this qualification.

Minimum Standard of English Required

NEBOSH recommends that learners need to have a minimum standard of English for all NEBOSH courses. Learners must be able to understand and communicate the concepts in the course content and take assessments comprising exams and a short report. Dependent on the course you take, the level will vary. The level of English is based on the International English Language Testing System score in IELTS tests. Find out more on the IELTS website. The course provider will determine if your standard of English is appropriate for your chosen NEBOSH qualification.

Working Outside the UK?

If you work outside the UK find out more about the International NEBOSH Courses.

Quick Guide to Entry Requirements for NEBOSH Qualifications

NEBOSH CourseMinimum level of
English based
on IELTS     scores   
Other Recommended Requirements
    NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work                                                5.0None
NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (NG/IG)6.0None
NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational
Health & Safety 
7.0NGC or equivalent plus previous experience of health& safety
NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management (NFC)6.0None
NEBOSH Certificate in Construction Health & Safety (NCC)           6.0None
NEBOSH Technical Certificate Oil and Gas in Operational Safety (NIOG)      6.0          NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC)

Discover more about our NEBOSH Courses available by watching the carefully curated playlist below.

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