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Preparing for Your NEBOSH Exams Guide

Guide to Preparing for Your NEBOSH Exams

17 May 2017

Here is a quick guide targeted at everyone preparing for their NEBOSH Certificate or Diploma exams and provides some useful links for guidance on revision and exam day tips to help you pass your Nebosh Diploma or Certificate.

Ease your stress and anxiety on revising effectively for your NEBOSH exams. Check out the links and infographic to useful guides on all key aspects of successful studying:

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Revision techniques for all NEBOSH exams

NEBOSH Certificate Exam Advice

NEBOSH General Certificate 2014 spec. has been replaced with the 2018 spec.

If you are studying for the NEBOSH General Certificate (2014 spec) you must register for at least one of the exams or assessment by 31 March 2020 as this is the final deadline for exam registration of this course. You must complete all the exams and assessment by 31 March 2022.

Access our guide and be fully prepared prior to your NEBOSH Certificate exam day. The guide covers all the necessary practical arrangements, managing your time and common problems to avoid.

NEBOSH Diploma Exam Advice

Check out a practical approach to revising for these challenging exams and key points  to remember in the NEBOSH Diploma study guide.

A 2-part guide on NEBOSH Diploma exam study techniques covering time management, answer planning and common mistakes to avoid when answering NEBOSH Diploma questions.

Interested in taking NEBOSH courses?

Discover the most frequently asked questions about the Nebosh General Certificate here: 


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