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Can I take the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Online?

Can I Take the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Online?

12 June 2019

If you are considering updating managers (or your own) knowledge of the full IOSH Managing Safely training with the IOSH Refresher course, this short post will outline the online and class-based methods available to study it. The most popular method for taking IOSH Managing Safely Refresher is as an online course. This is probably because it is a short course, approximately 6 hours long, and online learning is such a convenient way to complete it. 

I'll go through the learning methods available for individuals and teams of managers in a company and the key course features.


Online learning offers a convenient method to take this course without disrupting your working schedule. IOSH Managing Safely Refresher online or elearning means you don't have to attend classroom training at a fixed place, date and time. You can work through the course at your own pace and refresh your understanding of the plan-do-check-act model. A good online learning course will provide lively multimedia - videos, audio, animation and interactive practice exercises in different workplace scenarios. The course should offer plenty of opportunities to check your learning such as progress tests to make sure you have understood everything and can apply it in your job.

Public class training scheduled at venues

Very few providers offer public courses that are scheduled at specific venues. The small number of public IOSH Managing Safely Refresher classroom courses that are available, have a limited choice of locations. 

Training staff at your company

If you have a number of managers in your company that need to refresh their IOSH Managing Safely knowledge, class-based or online training are the methods available.

Online training for your staff with line management responsibilities offers the most flexible way of getting managers trained and not disrupting the working week. Online learning is an ideal option for people who work at diverse locations or different work patterns. If you are organising online training for a group of managers in your company, it is worth asking the course provider about how you can track staff's progress and completion of the course. Having access to a dashboard of all your staff's course interaction offers companies reassurance that they can monitor their staff's progress and completion of the course. If you don't want to have to track your staff's progress, find out from the course provider if they will give you regular reports

If your company uses a Learning Management System (LMS) or equivalent, find out from the course provider if IOSH Managing Safely Refresher can be hosted on your LMS.

If you prefer classroom training, it is possible to train up to 20 people. A good course provider can include your company's documents, processes such as risk assessments, policies into the refresher training to make it more meaningful. Discuss with your course provider any relevant procedures and workplace scenarios your company may want to incorporate in to the training. A relevant learning experience has a much more successful outcome.

Keeping your managers and supervisors up-to-date with their health and safety knowledge and practical skills will help develop a safety culture with less accidents and incidents. 



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