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How Much Does an IOSH Course Cost?

How Much Does an IOSH Course Cost?

25 February 2019

This is always the first question to ask – what is the cost? Usually it is closely followed by – is it worth it? Naturally, you need these key facts up front before you can make any reasonable decision. We’ll have a look at the typical cost you can expect, of the popular IOSH courses and important pointers to consider when choosing the right course for yourself or teams of employees. A course price should never be considered in isolation. It is important to find the training that delivers the best value for money and meets your objectives.

Factors that influence the price: Learning methods

How you study an IOSH course will directly affect the price you pay. We'll review the different learning methods available and how they are priced and aspects of each way of learning to consider before you buy. It is important you get value for the money you are investing in your future.


The method of study of the IOSH course will affect the price: an online course will cost less than a class-based. So, if you are price conscious, online learning is worth considering. It offers flexibility and convenience; you decide when and where to study so there are no travel costs. You work through the course at a pace that suits you. The assessment is also completed online. 

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Astutis’ Online IOSH Managing Safely is £350. This includes 6 months access to the course, assessment, certification, online and tutor support to answer any questions plus discussion forums to engage with fellow learners and share ideas. Our online courses are hosted on an award-winning learning management system, which is very easy to use and navigate the content. It is important to find out from potential course providers what is actually included in the price. Discover our IOSH Managing Safely Simulation demo here and take a look inside the Online course.


The cost of public classroom courses scheduled to run at a venue tend to be more expensive as it covers the cost of the venue, refreshments and of course the tutor on hand to guide you through the course modules in a structured timeframe.

Classroom Training at Your Company

If you have a group of employees that need to be trained, for example IOSH Working Safely or Managing Safelyare very common examples, it will be more cost effective to bring a tutor in to your company to train a group rather than send people on public class-based courses. You usually need a minimum of five or more employees to run incompany training. The training tends to be charged on a day rate for the tutor plus additional costs for course materials, certification and tutor travel and possibly accommodation.

Value for Money for Incompany Training

A good course provider should offer organisations that opt for incompany training, value for money. This will include benefits such as a wide choice of tutors to so you can select the best one for your company and staff; you may want to have a tutor with experience in the same sector. Developing and delivering relevant IOSH courses to your staff is fundamental to successful incompany training; this can involve integrating your company policies, procedures, risk assessments, in addition to using typical workplace scenarios to illustrate the concepts.

Online Training at Your Company

If you have a number of staff to train in IOSH, but they have limited availability or are based at different locations, online training is very convenient solution that more and more employers are now choosing. Not only is it more budget friendly it provides flexibility, an essential factor for companies. You pay for access to the online IOSH license for each staff member and often you can benefit from economies of scale if you are looking to put large numbers of your staff through an IOSH course for example the price of the license fee drops by 20% if you buy over 100 licenses..


If you are going to commit your time or that of colleagues to taking an IOSH course, don’t compromise on quality because you won’t be saving money. Wasting time on a class or online IOSH course that is badly structured, with poorly written materials and lacking interactivity will lead to poor results.

It will depend on your chosen provider’s course, how interesting and effective your IOSH learning experience will be. However, a good quality IOSH course will be well structured with plenty of interactive activities. Whether you are in a class or online, it is important that you proactively participate in the learning to enable you to understand new concepts. A good IOSH course will have plenty of typical scenarios to apply what you have learnt and help you to remember it.

If you have a range of course price points from potential providers, to consider for an IOSH course, only by trialling it for yourself can you understand to judge its value and quality! For an online course ask to have a demo of the course so you can get a feel it is where you want to spend your money. Similarly, for a classroom course, ask if you can see a sample of the materials and enquire about the format of training day(s).

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