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How Long is an IOSH Certificate Valid For?

How Long is an IOSH Certificate Valid For?

11 January 2019

Completing an IOSH Certificate is a great achievement as IOSH is widely respected as the world’s leading membership-based organisation of health and safety professionals. You or your staff have developed essential health and safety skills that will benefit how effectively everybody works and the company’s performance. However, many people worry about how long their IOSH certificate, particularly IOSH Managing Safely  will be valid for and whether they will have to re-sit the course on a regular basis. Managers need to understand how best to keep their staff updated on health and safety best practice to ensure they are working effectively and safely.

So will IOSH Managing Safely expire?

As a rule, once you have successfully completed any IOSH Certificate, it will never expire and will be valid indefinitely from the date of issue. This applies to the range of IOSH courses, from entry level IOSH Working Safely, to the industry specific certificates such as IOSH Managing Safely in Aviation or Construction.

Keep safety knowledge up-to-date

However, IOSH strongly recommends that training should be given at least every 3 years, since this allows employers to be confident that their workforce’s safety knowledge is refreshed and they are motivated to use it day to day. Providing training on a regular basis is a legal requirement and means that, should any legislative changes, new systems come into force or working conditions change in the company, employees can be briefed on the latest regulations and best practice to ensure that their knowledge is current.

Investment in maintaining best practice in safety

For companies who have already invested in IOSH Managing Safely training, it's clear the importance of businesses' updating their employees’ knowledge and skills, with a short IOSH Refresher course so they can continue to operate effectively. If employees hold an IOSH Managing Safely Certificate then the task of retraining becomes far easier, with the short dedicated Refresher course purposely created to remind people of the practical management basics of health and safety.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

The IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course has been designed to update existing knowledge learnt on the full IOSH Managing Safely course. The Refresher provides a much quicker and more cost effective option that retaking the whole course. It is available online and as a class-based course. Advantages of the online course is its flexibility of taking it when and where is convenient; it takes between 2 and 6 hours to complete with the assessment as a simple short answer quiz. Less working time is lost to ensure your staff remain up-to-date on their health and safety responsibilities. IOSH training develops effective managers and they are a huge company benefit to share with all stakeholders and will enhance the reputation, invaluable when getting new business.

Refresh employees' awareness of IOSH Working Safely

If your workforce has taken the IOSH Working Safely Course within the past few years but you feel their knowledge needs refreshing or new recruits need to be trained in line with best practice then, online is always a convenient, engaging and cost-effective solution. Investment in staff safety training to make sure they are working to good health and safety standards, will improve your company image and significantly reduce the risk of costly accidents.

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