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A Career in Health and Safety

A Career in Health and Safety

11 January 2018


Have you been thinking about a career in health and safety but aren't quite sure where it will take you? Health and safety consultant Andrew Froude sat down with us to discuss his own journey and offer advice for those just starting out in their health and safety career.

How did your health and safety career all start?

With the NEBOSH General Certificate (which gave me a basic knowledge of the topic and its importance) and, with the support and monitoring from the PLC steel company’s Risk Management Team, began the task of carrying out the risk assessments and developing safe systems of work.

Several months into this new role, a fitter at one of the sites suffered an accident which resulted in him being off work for over a week. As a result, this accident was reported to the HSE under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) which then prompted a visit from the enforcing authority to investigate the accident.

During the visit, the inspector also took the opportunity to take an in-depth examination of the general standards of health and safety at the site and was not impressed with what he saw. So much so, that he threatened to prosecute the company if a robust improvement plan was not forthcoming.

After the involvement of the PLC’s Risk Management Team, I was asked to take on the position of Risk Manager and take the metal recycling sites through the process of improving health and safety standards and performance (the PLC also appointed a retired senior HSE inspector as a consultant to assist). I agreed to the new role, with the understanding that it was only to be a secondment for 18 months or so, and then I was to go back to the engineering role. Needless to say, I enjoyed the role enough to make it permanent and never went back into engineering.

What was involved in the role and how did it develop?

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