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Inspections vs Audits: What's the difference?

Inspections vs Audits: What's the difference?

09 August 2017


Introduction to inspections & audits

During my work in industry, I was often asked by a client to undertake regular site audits; this seemed like a reasonable request but often was not at all what the client wanted. In most cases the client wanted a workplace inspection to be carried out rather than a site audit. Organisations can incorrectly interchange the terms audits and inspections leading to confusion.

So what is the difference between an inspection and an audit? They are both essential, proactive monitoring techniques however their uses and benefits are quite distinct. You will have covered it if you have studied a NEBOSH course. I’ll outline the main differences between the audit and inspection process and uses based on my experience working in health and safety.

What are safety inspections?

Inspections are a useful way of ensuring that all the things that you have put into place to prevent accidents occurring are still working and are keeping people safe. 

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