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NEBOSH Fire Certificate Syllabus

NEBOSH accredited centre 807 logoThe NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management qualification is recognised throughout the fire safety industry. It is also a first step in forging a career in health and safety.

The course is split into 3 units which are assessed individually - 2 taught modules and a work-based assignment to complete which will demonstrate your application of the knowledge you have gained over the course of the previous units.

Overall learning outcomes

On completion of each unit, you should be able to demonstrate your understanding of the domain knowledge covered by:

  • The application of knowledge to familar and unfamiliar situations.
  • The critical analysis and evaluation of information presented in both quantitative and qualititative forms.

N.B. Each element will have additional specific learning outcomes.

Full course syllabus

Unit NGC1: Management of health and safety

  • Element 1: Foundations in health and safety
  • Element 2: Health and safety management systems - Plan
  • Element 3: Health and safety management systems - Do
  • Element 4: Health and safety management systems - Check
  • Element 5: Health and safety management systems - Act

Unit FC1: Fire safety and risk management

  • Element 1: Managing fire safety
  • Element 2: Principles of fire and explosion
  • Element 3: Causes and prevention of fires and explosion
  • Element 4: Fire protection in buildings
  • Element 5: Safety of people in the event of fire
  • Element 6: Fire safety risk assessment

Unit FC2: Fire safety practical application

  • 1.1: Purpose and aim
  • 1.2: Marking
  • 1.3: Assessment location
  • 1.4: Assessment requirements
  • 1.5: submission of completed work
  • 1.6: Further information

NEBOSH National Fire Certificate Course: Futher Information

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