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Managing Safely has a 3 star review

 May 2012

The Astutis IOSH Managing Safely e-learning course has received 3 stars all round from the Health and Safety at Work magazine's reviewer.

The e-learning course was launched just over 6 months ago and, for those who are looking for flexibility and cost savings, has already proved a popular alternative to the Astutis classroom based version of the course.

As the Health and Safety at Work review explains, the IOSH Managing Safely e-learning course is designed to enable you to learn in small chunks, to check your progress at key points and to study the 9 modules flexibly, in any order.

The visually appealing, multimedia experience provided by the Astutis e-learning course encourages many people to successfully connect with the learning materials.

Here are some of the Astutis e-learners' comments about the course:

  • Face to face is always a better learning experience, but this was very entertaining...
  • Overall an enjoyable experience, thank you.
  • All of it was very good and the quality superb.
  • I have completed a wide variety of e-learning courses and genuinely the presentation of this package - first class!

IOSH Managing Safely is just one of the Astutis suite of e-learning courses already being enjoyed by hundreds of e-learners, so with 100% pass rate and positive feedback from our e-learners, Astutis e-learning really does seem to be the smart choice for flexible learning.

Why not see for yourself by visiting our IOSH Managing Safely e-learning webpage or by contacting one of our training advisors to arrange a hands on demo.

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