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Health, Safety and Environmental Training at your Organisation

Do you have employees who need training?

If you have staff that need to complete an occupational health and safety or environmental course, we can come to your organisation to train your staff or alternatively provide flexible online e-learning licenses. We can develop relevant content with any organisational specifics you require or create a new course on a specific topic.

How we develop your training solution

Your dedicated account manager will discuss your objectives for the training in order to develop the best training programme for your staff and understand:

  • your target audience, and their learning needs
  • your desired learning outcomes for your staff
  • any organisational specifics required such as risk assessments, procedures, case studies typical workplace scenarios, images, branding
  • best learning method for your staff
  • practical details such as timescales, location

Choose the best learning method for your staff

We offer the following methods on some of the courses:

  • Classroom
  • E-learning
  • Blended - a mixture of classroom and e-learning

Benefits of training staff at your organisation 

  • Cost and time saving options to suit your budget.
  • Relevant training for your staff and tailored to your organisational requirements using  your organisational documentation.
  • Unique materials with your company identity with branding and images.
  • A dedicated account manager to organise all aspects of your training.
  • Choice of learning methods to suit your staff.
  • Convenient training delivery for timescales, dates and location to suit. 

Course development and tailoring

The best trainer that matches your organisational sector and aims is chosen to work closely with you throughout.  You agree the level of course tailoring (if any) you want. Our team will adapt the course content to suit your requirements for example integrating your relevant documentation, work based scenarios, and logos. 

Course delivery

We deliver exactly the course you have agreed within the timeframe to suit your employees. We work closely with you at every stage of the training experience to ensure we are meeting your training objectives.

Bespoke Health, Safety and Environmental Courses 

If you have very specific health, safety and environmental training requests our experienced tutors and educational experts can design and develop the perfect bespoke course programme for your organisation.

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We ensure you get a training solution to fit all your staff and organisational requirements including your budget.

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"I've found Astutis to be very helpful and engaging. The e-learning package and printed course material are well structured, very easy to follow and learn from. I've also found the tutor a great source of support and guidance: a very knowledgeable and good trainer."

Health, Safety and Environmental Audit Manager at Centrica