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IEMA Logo Certified TrainingIEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management for Staff at Your Organisation

IEMA Certificate 2017 course changes

The 10-day IEMA Associate Certificate is being phased out and replaced by the NEW IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management. Find out more about training your staff to be Environmental and Sustainability Practitioners.

Information on the old IEMA Associate Certificate course

The IEMA Associate Certificate is a widely recognised qualification by employers as essential for staff with environmental management responsibility. This detailed level of knowledge enables staff to improve organisational sustainability and environmental performance both strategically and operationally.

Benefits of staff training at your organisation 

  • Cost and time saving options to suit your budget
  • Relevant training for your staff and tailored to your organisational requirements using  your documentation such as risk assessment, procedures, cases studies, images
  • Unique materials with your company identity with branding and images
  • A dedicated account manager to organise all aspects of your training
  • A convenient training delivery to suit your staff availability and location

What is covered in the IEMA Associate course? 

The IEMA syllabus covers the global and local environmental issues, as well as the impact of societal activities on the earth's natural systems. A practical approach is adopted to enable organisations can improve their environmental performance and reduce their impacts, both strategically and operationally.

The course is divided into 3 core themes and covers:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Environmental legislation
  • Assessment, interpretation and management

How we develop the right course for your staff

  1. Our account manager will discuss your objectives in order to develop the best training programme for your staff, based on your target audience, learning needs, desired outcomes and practical elements
  2. Our team of Consultants will match the best trainer to your organisational sector and work  closely with you throughout. You will agree the level of course tailoring (if any) you require, which our team will then use to adapt the course content to suit your requirement.
  3. We deliver the exact course you have agreed, using the best learning methods and timeframe to suit your employees. We work closely with you at every stage of your training experience to ensure we are meeting your training objectives. 

Discover the new IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course

We ensure you get a training solution to fit all your staff and organisational requirements including your budget. To view the details of our new IEMA course click on the button below.

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IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management

It develops environmental/sustainability Practitioners
Learn about this new IEMA Certificate course

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