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Develop your Health, Safety & Environmental Career 

Develop your potential and broaden your skills

Plan your career and create opportunities by adding new qualifications & developing your CPD. Increase your knowledge and skills further with a course in any of the following areas or sectors with the courses:

Sector specific

What next?

If you are unsure on the next best step why not contact our NEBOSH qualified course advisors and CMIOSH Health, Safety and Environmental Consultants to help you move forward with your career.

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Your continuing professional development (CPD)

CPD allows you to demonstrate to your employer and colleagues that:

  • You’re constantly developing as a professional.
  • You're committed to maintaining high standards.
  • You're keeping up to date on health, safety and environmental legislation, best practice.
  • You are developing a wide range of key skills relevant to your job & aspirations.
  • If you plan to change roles, evidence that you are focusing on your professional development is fundamental.

Jobs and career development

Click Safety & Health Practictioner's website to read articles on jobs and career development in health & safety.

Health and safety jobs market

Recent research carried out on nationally advertised health and safety positions in February and March by NEBOSH as part of their annual jobs barometer revealed  :

  • 55% of job roles advertised required candidates to hold the NEBOSH Diploma compared to 48% in 2014 
  • Chartered Membership of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (CMIOSH) is now required in 31% of advertised roles, compared to 23% the previous year
  • Holding a professional qualification and status will mean a higher salary with £49,000 being the average top end salary
  • 80% of people who now take a NEBOSH Certificate level qualification are employed in roles whose primary function is not health and safety, from operational managers to finance managers
  • Research has also shown that only qualified candidates should apply for jobs in health & safety with 93% of jobs analysed requiring a NEBOSH qualification or technician status of IOSH (Tech IOSH) or higher
  • 38% of positions asked for a NEBOSH Certificate level qualification, up from 33% last year and 30% in 2011
  • 92% of job roles asked for either some form of NEBOSH qualification and/or Membership of IOSH, up by 4% from 88% in 2014
  • Many of the health and safety management roles advertised also included responsibilities for environmental (39%) and quality (18%) management as revealed in the last few years of research

Popular careers in Health & Safety include the following list, to find out more about the typical responsibilities, salary and skills/ qualifications click on the role:

How can I carry out CPD?

CPD can combine a range of approaches to learning including training, webinars, conferences, seminars, internal projects, voluntary work using professional skills to help you develop your abilities. 

IOSH  health & safety CPD

In order to maintain and enhance your level of membership with IOSH you must join the IOSH My CPD scheme based on self-allocated 'credits'. As well as health and safety knowledge, it also includes the development of personal qualities needed to carry out managerial and technical duties. For the membership categories click here

IOSH provides information on CPD, on creating a framework to identify your technical or personal skill gaps and then planning how to fill your skills’ gap and develop your knowledge. Click here for more on IOSH CPD.  To enable you to complete your CPD, IOSH offers discussion forums, useful links & diverse health & safety events.

IOSH events regionally or by Sector  

IOSH also runs numerous events UK-wide offering you expert insight and networking opportunities throughout the year. There are specialist groups if you have a specialist area of interest or work in a particular industry sector.

Institute of Environmental Management Association (IEMA) CPD

As a member of the (IEMA), you are encouraged to do CPD to improve your confidence and competence in the fast changing environmental arena. Visit the IEMA website to see how you can enhance your learning with access to events, webinars.

Your career development

"I've found Astutis to be very helpful and engaging. The e-learning package and printed course material are well structured, very easy to follow and learn from. I've also found the tutor a great source of support and guidance: a very knowledgeable and good trainer."

Health, Safety and Environmental Audit Manager at Centrica

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